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Wezesha poultry project launched by Kirinyaga county governor in Kenya

mardi 29 septembre 2020

The project will enable farmers to produce 1 million eggs per month, earning each of them 1,000 Kenyan shillings (US$ 9.26) daily. It was launched by Kirinyaga county governor, Anne Waiguru, and implemented under the ‘Wezesha Kirinyaga’ (‘Enable Kirinyaga’) programme. It is aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and profitability in the county, with a specific focus on uplifting the livelihoods of women and youth.

Through this project, a total of 40,000 chicks were delivered to the groups in March and have now matured into layers with about 100,000 eggs having been collected in one week. The layers are, however, expected to reach optimum laying capacity from September.

“Wezesha poultry project is aimed at improving livelihoods of Kirinyaga people mainly through women and youth, and also offers alternative income source thereby reducing over-reliance on the conventional cash crop farming,” said governor Waiguru during the launch, which took place at Kirinyaga Agricultural Training Center (KATC) animal production unit at Kiaga.

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