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Newsletter LEDNA Issue°8/July 2021

vendredi 2 juillet 2021

The world economy has undergone a major transformation over the past few decades, with a concentration of the economy around large territories. Thus, the location choices of companies and economic units depend much less on the costs of production factors than on their quality and efficiency. Since the performance of a productive system depends on its organization and reaction time, firms tend to polarize in the densest urban areas that offer the greatest quantity and variety of inputs to their production.
With globalization, these trends in the organization of productive systems and their relationship to space, resulting from the growing internationalization of the world economy, are reinforced by the polarization of economic activities in urban areas.
All this points to the fact that urban growth will be, more than in the past, the major factor of economic growth in all regions of the world, and Africa will be no exception to this rule.
This issue of the LEDNA Newsletter deals with one of the operational modalities for strengthening the economic role of urban areas. The examples presented will provide the 16,008 African local authorities and local and national actors with ideas for promoting their local economies.

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