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LEDNA Newsletter - Issue N° 2/March 2020

mercredi 3 juin 2020

The spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is having a negative impact on economic activity at the global, regional and local levels. It is in this context of a virtual slowdown in your own activities that we are launching this second issue of the newsletter, the fruit of constant and collaborative work by the entire local economic development network, LEDNA. We hope that this issue will fill your free time during this lockdown period whose enforcement is crucial not only to curb the disease, but above all to safeguard your own health.
This second issue of the bimonthly newsletter presents news, innovations and advances in projects and programs aimed at creating jobs and generating income at the regional and local levels. The subject that we propose to you "In the Headline News" is : Urbanization in Africa, which is undoubtedly the most important structural transformation that the Continent is experiencing, along with its links with national, regional and local economic development. Your notes, feedback, analyzes, and additions are welcome at the following address : ledna@uclga.org. We then share them within the network in order to better foster dialogue and the exchange of points of view and experience within the network.
We shall discover together in this issue the news relating to the five major areas of LED that are :
✓ Economic Governance,
✓ Business Development,
✓ Development of Living Conditions,
✓ Territory Development,
✓ Workforce Development.
This newsletter is a complement to our www.ledna.org which we strongly invite you to visit. The LEDNA website - a central place for the exchange of resources and experience dedicated to African LED protagonists - has several objectives, among others : to provide a world-class knowledge hub whose access is free and with information that is impartial and analyzed, as well that targeted arguments on specific themes ; to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences using the latest communication and networking techniques ; to allow users to access their LED counterparts, and to establish communities of practice.

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