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Gender equality, climate change impacts through empowering women in Mbabane City Council, the economic hub of Eswatini

mardi 31 mars 2020

The EU supported minimisation initiatives focusing on waste recycling and food waste composting practices in Mbabane are making a sterling contribution to social equity by creating income generating opportunities for women and the girl child.

Implemented by the Municipal Council of Mbabane (MCM), the project alleviates poverty in lowerincome areas, through empowering of underprivileged women, the girl child, youths and the marginalized in society. This is over and above the fact that recycling and composting projects in targeted communities across the City are stimulating new markets in the waste management ecosystem that create further jobs.

The gender aspect of the project provides a platform for an all-inclusive women participation to share experiences and ideas on various aspects of their lives without intimidation from other sectors of society. They are able to speak freely and are given a voice regarding social and economic matters that impact on their daily lives.

More : https://www.mbabane.org.sz/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Waste-Minimization-Project-Publication-Supplement.pdf


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