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The city of Kigali Launches New, Citizen Centered Master Plan

mardi 29 septembre 2020

The City of Kigali, on Friday, September 4, 2020, launched a new city master plan to be implemented from 2020 up to 2050. The new master plan introduces a flexible and incremental approach to city development as it seeks to accommodate 3.8 million population in 2050 from the current 1.6 million population. The master plan is guided by economic, social and environmental drivers.

Dr. Ernest Nsabimana, the City Vice Mayor in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure said that the plan 2020-2050 replaces the previous one of 2013-2018 which many citizens considered to be pro- development but pushing away middle income earners to the far ends of the city suburbs.

The Kigali City Master Plan goes in line with the Rwanda’s new land use policy which seeks to ensure optimal land use in the city and the country at large. “The new plan will be more accommodative for 3.8million dwellers projection and we put into consideration the aspect of individual income to enable each one to live and work in the city,” Nsabimana said. The following are top changes highlighted by Ernest Nsabimana, the Vice Mayor of Kigali City in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure, in the new master plan compared to the previous one.

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