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Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance

Du 29 juin 2020 au 10 juillet 2020

June 29 - July 10, 2020

Introduction :
Inclusive development requires responsive governments and empowered citizens. But what can local officials and civil society organisations do to ensure all voices are heard ?

In this training course, participants will discuss ways to involve citizens – especially minorities and marginalised groups – to create a culture of inclusive governance. Participants will learn how civil society can empower citizens to voice concerns and keep their governments accountable to issues affecting their community.

Course Content
This course will help you to :

  • Identify instruments for increasing social accountability ;
  • Define your own role and responsibilities in participation processes as well as the role of your partners ;
  • Specify conditions and do’s and don’ts for successful participation projects ;
  • Work on the policy cycle ;
  • Apply tools for communication with citizens, NGOs and other stakeholders.

After this course, you will receive a professional certificate of completion from The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

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